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Durable, High Performance Anion Exchange

Ionomr Innovations manufactures Aemion™, the most durable and high-performance anion exchange product on the market. Aemion™ is stable in both highly basic and strongly acidic environments, providing a marked improvement in product life cycle, even in the harshest operating conditions. This unique stability unlocks a broad range of applications from industrial water treatment, chemical generation and recovery, long-life energy storage, and hydrogen production.

Aemion™ is based on the breakthrough discovery that weak sites in polymer structures are the root cause of AEM instability, and they can be effectively protected to prevent alkaline and oxidizing species from breaking down the polymers. The resulting hydrocarbon backbone provides a platform that enables simultaneous performance and life cycle improvements across the industry in water and energy, while reducing your product’s environmental impact.

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Benefits of the Aemion™ Material


Chemically and oxidatively stable across rang of operationg conditions - product that provides strong alkaline functionality (>2M @ 60ºc) in addition to acidic stability for use in the harshest of applications.

High Strength

Strongest unsupported materials on the market for ease of handling, longer life and thinner membranes, resulting in low ionic resistance.


High conductivity at both room and elevated temperatures to enable low resistance applications with higher current densities.


Soluble polymer in low-boiling solvents, allowing simple and consistent integration into existing product platforms as a strong industrial coating. Can be used as a stable, ion-conductive catalyst binder and enables coated, 3D electrodes


Reduces the environmental impact of your product throughout its entire lifecycle.