The Ionomr Team

Our Leadership

Bill Haberlin
Chief Executive Officer & Director
Bill is our CEO, having joined to take Ionomr’s world-class technology into volume production, assist in customer base transition from successful evaluation to volume production, and raise financing to achieve company objectives. He processes a deep understanding of B2B global…
Benjamin Britton, PhD.
Chief Strategy Officer, Director & Co-founder
Ben has a broad knowledge of alkaline anion-exchange electrochemical device operation and has participated in world-leading research in the application of membranes and polymers at SFU under Prof. Holdcroft. Dr. Britton was part of initial cohort of scientist-entrepreneurs to receive…
Tim Peckham, PhD.
Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Tim is the driving force at Ionomr to translate research and patents from SFU into processes that reliably produce our polymer and process products. He and his team work closely with chemical engineers and supply partners to scale the processes…

Morris Tan
VP of Operations

Morris is our operations executive with over 25 years of experience. He is well-versed in all aspects of high-volume operations including quality, reliability, yield management, production test and global supply chain management and logistics. Previously at start-ups, Mr. Tan has…

Andrew Belletti
Director of R&D Marketing

Andrew Belletti, a graduate of the MEL in Clean Energy Engineering, is the Research and Development Market Director of Ionomr Innovations Inc. — a company that designs, adapts and manufactures ion exchange membranes and coatings. He is responsible for evaluation…