AEM Electrolysis

Developed for Use in Hot & Strong Alkaline Environments

Aemion™ membranes were developed specifically for use in hot and strong alkaline environments and are the leading solution available for the evolution of low cost, high efficiency alkaline membrane electrolysis systems. The high hydroxide ion conductivity enables high efficiency and energy density, which lead to overall opex and capex reductions, while the chemical and mechanical integrity leads to longer operational usefulness.

An AEM electrolysis solution combines the benefits of PEM and alkaline systems by allowing the use of non-noble catalysts while achieving energy densities and efficiencies comparable to PEM technology. Today, commercially available membranes lack sufficient stability in alkaline, which has limited and the widespread adoption of AEM in electrolysis applications.

The cost of precious metals such as platinum and iridium dwarf those of commodity metals such as nickel and iron. AEMs will unlock the potential for massive cost savings and scalability currently limited by precious metal supply. The charts highlight just how extreme this difference is and the reductions in catalyst cost possible.

The figures to the right display how Pt-Free AEM Electrolyzers can reduce capital costs by up to 65% when cell area is reduced to the same size (100MW Scale). Aemion™ membranes and Pt-free catalysts in both the anode and cathode, have consistently achieved current densities matching those of PEM electrolysis enabling equivalent cell area.