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Durable, High Performance Cation Exchange

Pemion™ is a breakthrough proton exchange membrane (and cation exchange) and polymer product (PEM & CEM) in advanced development at Ionomr.

Pemion represents a fundamental shift in the approach to proton exchange technology through its migration from Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acid (PFSA) chemistry to environmentally-benign hydrocarbon materials while maintaining maximum durability. These hydrocarbon materials also provide considerably higher performance, lower gas crossover and eliminate environmental concerns associated with End-of-Life (EOL) disposal of fluorinated compounds.

The resulting gains in performance and reductions in gas crossover provide a revolutionary impact on hydrogen fuel cell cost through reduction in precious metal usage, longer lifetimes through reduced degradation and higher efficiency by operating at higher temperature with less fuel crossover. Other applications impacted by this technology are advanced battery technologies including electrodes, coatings and solid electrolytes.

Unlike their PFSA counterparts, Ionomr’s hydrocarbon products have substantially reduced toxicity and environmental impact during both manufacturing and disposal. Additionally, Pemion boasts one of the highest room temperature conductivities available, while maintaining its mechanical stability (Adamski et al., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 1 – 5) for an improved total efficiency and longer system life.

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Benefits of the Pemion™ Material


Chemically and oxidatively stable showing essentially zero degradation when subjected to radical attack in the Fenton test for one hour at high temperatures, 80⁰C.

High Strength

Strongest unsupported materials on the market for ease of handling, longer life and thinner membranes, resulting in low ionic resistance.


High conductivity at both room and elevated temperatures to enable low resistance applications with higher current densities.


Soluble polymer in low-boiling solvents, allowing simple and consistent integration into existing product platforms as a strong industrial coating.Can be used as a stable, ion-conductive catalyst binder and enables coated, 3D electrodes.


Drastically reduces the environmental impact of your product throughout its entire lifecycle in comparison to leading PFSA materials.

Pemion® MEA Reference Platforms

Ionomr offers pre-built membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) in three standard sizes – 5, 25, and 50 cm² active areas – comprising Pemion® membranes coated with standardized catalyst layers as a convenient assessment tool for evaluation and integration of its proton exchange membrane technologies. These MEA reference platforms are provided as a bare catalyst coated membrane (CCM), or in 3, 5, or 7-layer configurations, as outlined below:

CCM – A Pemion® membrane coated with anode and cathode catalyst layers.

  • 3-layer: A Pemion® membrane coated with standard anode and cathode catalyst layers.
  • 5-layer: The aforementioned CCM, with framing materials affixed to both sides.
  • 7-layer: A CCM with frames, as well as gas diffusion layers (GDLs) affixed to both sides.

Custom configurations may be available upon request. Please contact Ionomr for pricing, availability, and all related inquiries.

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