Ionomr Innovations

enables the global renewable transition with

advanced materials to unlock hydrogen & carbon-neutral technologies

Our Breakthrough Technology

Ionomr has developed revolutionary ion exchange membrane technology that drastically improves efficiency and performance while minimizing cost and environmental impact:

  • Hydrogen generation to fuel the hydrogen economy
  • Hydrogen fuel cells to power vehicles, ships, buildings and more
  • Conversion of CO2 to synthetic fuels
  • Onsite recovery of chemicals for heavy industry – lithium, mining and electronics

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How Do We Do That?

By creating the most durable and innovative ion exchange membranes and polymers:

Why Ionomr

Ionomr’s high-performance, progressive materials stimulate the renewable energy economy by enabling cleaner and more efficient technology solutions. As the world’s preeminent producer of ion exchange membranes and polymers for hydrogen production, hydrogen fuel cells, energy storage, and sustainable chemical systems our products enable new approaches to tackling global climate issues that reduce system costs, increase efficiency and maximize durability. In the emerging market for carbon-free transport, Ionomr offers the only products capable of enabling systems that are cost-competitive with internal combustion engines.

Ionomr’s best-in-class ion-exchange membranes and polymers will pave the way to widespread deployment of the hydrogen economy by enabling:

  • Lower-cost hydrogen production
  • Cost-effective and more durable hydrogen fuel cells to drive increased adoption of clean energy solutions

Additionally, Ionomr technologies:

  • Enable synthetic fuel production from the capture and processing of atmospheric carbon dioxide and other CO2 sources
  • Allow effective chemical recovery in heavy industry: Lithium, mining, electronics, etc.

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