Andrew Belletti

Director of R&D Marketing

Andrew Belletti, a graduate of the MEL in Clean Energy Engineering, is the Research and Development Market Director of Ionomr Innovations Inc. — a company that designs, adapts and manufactures ion exchange membranes and coatings. He is responsible for evaluation and growth of new co-development opportunities, supply partnerships and market outreach. With low resistance and low lifetime costs, the company is developing next generation materials to help energy storage and water treatment applications achieve widespread deployment.

Ionomr’s product applications have a global reach, bringing efficient and cost-effective solutions to areas in need of sustainable water treatment, as well as helping clean fuel companies optimize their systems using Ionomr’s customized catalyst-coated membranes. Belletti has travelled to many locations abroa, and is a key influencer in the company’s business development. Belletti’s extensive knowledge in electrochemical and water treatment fields has been critical to his success, being attuned to the cost sensitivity and efficiency demands of the industry, while ensuring minimal impact to operations while transitioning to new membrane systems.