Capacitive Deionization (CDI)

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Polymers Soluble in Low Boiling Point Solvents

Ionomr’s polymers are soluble in low boiling point solvents, enabling a wide range of processing techniques for coating directly onto porous electrodes. Membranes improve the capacity and efficiency of CDI systems. And, the high mechanical strength of our materials allow for preparation of ultra-thin films below 10 microns while maintaining high rejection and long lifetimes.

In CDI, water is deionized by applying a potential difference across two electrodes which are often made out of porous carbon. Anions are removed from the water and stored in the positively polarized electrode while cations are stored in the cathode, which is the negatively polarized electrode.

The primary application of CDI is desalination and the softening of water.It is far more efficient when compared to traditional water treatment processes such as reverse osmosis. CDI removes the salt ions from the water, while the other technologies only extract the water from the salt solution.