AEM Fuel Cells (AEMFC)

Developed for Stability in Strong Alkaline Solutions

Aemion™ membranes were developed for stability in strong alkaline solutions under the oxidizing conditions of high voltage and current. Aemion™ represents one of the leading solutions available for continued development in next-generation, low cost, high efficiency fuel cells.

Current generation fuel cells require expensive precious metal catalysts such as platinum to operate effectively since commodity metals simply cannot function in, or withstand the harsh acidic environment of the fuel cell.

Aemion™ enables OEM fuel cell developers to scale up lower cost innovative system architectures that do not require precious metals. Using alternative liquid fuels, AEM fuel cells significantly increase the power density over existing PEM-based systems. Capable of decreasing the system cost by as much as 80%, platinum-free fuel cells are cost-competitive with combustion engines and achieve the minimum environmental impact for any power system.