Conventional Water Treatment

Traditional water treatment applications use pressure and physical size exclusion to separate contaminants from the water. The treatment method is selected based upon the size of the contaminant, which matches the pore size of the filtration medium. The smaller the pores, the more sophisticated the materials required in order to achieve consistent results.

Ionomr’s polymers are highly suitable for use as a thin-film layer (i) to replace or protect the polyamide which is highly susceptible to chemical attack and fouling. It also has the potential to be integrated with the backing layer (ii,iii) to improve the resistance of polysulfone and polyester that suffer from chemical attack in the presence of common oxidants. Our materials can also be used as ultra-thin film coatings to enhance antimicrobial properties or oxidative stability.

Materials Applications

Ionomr's innovative materials are highly processable, provide anti-fouling properties and improve chemical stability for unprecedented performance.